There are 19 sites that are either closed/restricted to traffic.

1. Rewasau Road – Restricted to Single Lane
2. Kings Rd at Naqia – fallen boulders blocking half road
3. Colata Cocoa Road Crossing – flooded crossing
4. Nasi Crossing on Wailase Rd – flooded
5. Wainiogai Crossing on Sawanikula Bukunivati Rd – flooding
6. Naboro Crossing on Naboro Cocoa Rd – flooding
7. Delaikuku Crossing on Delaikuku Rd – restricted access due to washout
8. Waila Flats on Waila Rd – flooding
9. Buiduna Rd – flooding
10. Waidamudamu Creek Rd – flooding
11. Prakash Feeder Rd – flooding
12. Naduru Rd – flooding
13. Princes Rd – overslip
14. Toga Rd at Vunisei Village – flooding
15. Near Toki Village on Ovalau Circular Rd – 3 major slips
16. Near Bia Settlement on Ovalau Circular Rd – Undermined culvert
17. Saiyaro Crossing on Lofua Farm Rd – flooding
18. Nakorovou Crossing on Off Navunisole Rd – flooding
19. Waimalu Crossing on Unknown Nawiwaivusa Rd – flooding

Please do not cross flooded roads or crossings. Stay safe

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