Former rugby league star Ben Barba has been caught on camera threatening a television journalist as a report surfaced indicating that his partner won’t press charges over the incident that saw him deregistered by the NRL.

Barba went on an explosive rant at Nine News’ Tim Arvier yesterday while the journalist attempted to ask him questions about the alleged abuse that took place on Australia Day earlier this year.

“I will hurt you. You want me to hurt you?” Barba shouts.

Barba also leaned in while making the threat, making Arvier hesitate.

The 29-year-old, who has since become a truck driver after his rugby league career ended, then proclaimed he was going to hand himself in to police.

“I’m going to the police station tomorrow. And I’m about to be charged with nothing,” he said.

Nine News reports Barba’s claim could prove true because his partner, Ainslie Currie, won’t make a complaint against him, meaning he will only be charge with a “public nuisance-type offence” for allegedly throwing rocks at her.

But Barba told Nine News it wasn’t exactly great news.

“I don’t feel lucky,” he bellowed. “I’ve lost everything!”

Nine News says senior police are “disappointed” Currie won’t make a complaint but it was her choice.


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