The Consumer Council of Fiji hopes to continue Awareness to Consumers to exercise their Rights and Responsibilities.

This was confirmed by the Consumer Council’s Manager for Alternative Dispute Resolution-Pooja Singh Chand.

“The council hopes that it continues to craete Awareness to consumers on excercising their Rights and Responsibilities especially when they are dealing with transaction with Traders, the Council is actually advocating for consumers to keep documentation as eveidence of their purchase. So in that event the council is looking forward to more Awareness.”

Chand says one of the challenges faced by the council over the years is dealing with unscrupulous traders and to protect Consumer interests.

A total of 3,432 Complaints were received by the Council from January to Decemebr, 2018.

“Some of the challenges that the council face which is generally an issue every year is to peddle with unscrupulous traders and to protect consumers interest, we have to ensure that consumers interest is protected. And warn traders who do not comply with ethical practices. So many of the issues were there that were recurring such as landlord and tenants, complaints related to food and drinks. So the council is constantly monitoring all this complaints and trying to go a way forward with other stakeholders to ensure that consumer interests is protected in Fiji.”

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