All employers must comply with the new employment leave provisions under the Employment Relations (Budget Amendment) Act 2018 that came into force from 01st January, 2019.

This was emphasized by the Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Honourable Parveen Bala after receiving enquiries from employers on the issue earlier this week.

 Bala highlighted that the Act provides for 5 working days family care leave, 5 working days paternity leave and 98 days maternity leave.

 “The Ministry this week has been involved in conducting an investigation on the Family Care new leave provision with Quality Print and the issue has now being resolved,” Minister Bala said.

 “The employer, Mr. Diwan Maharaj, the Managing Director of the company has agreed to grant the family care leave to the workers after meeting the Ministry’s Compliance team.

 “The Ministry has been providing awareness on the new leave provisions through talkback shows, on-site inspections, awareness trainings and public consultations, and will continue to do so in future.”

Bala has also urged all workers to follow proper procedures when applying for leave and to use them for the right purposes.

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