About 50 Central Transport Limited Employees held a Protest outside their Vatuwaqa Depot this morning affecting many residents in Vatuwaqa, Samabula, Ganji Street, and Toorak on their way to school and work.

About 35 drivers and 15 Mechanics are upset about their salary Arrangements after their Requests to their Directors fell on deaf ears.

Spokesperson for the workers-Ilaisa Tiko says they understand school children and workers have been affected by this.

Currently the workers get about $152.35 a week with $3.45 an hour, they are requesting for an increase .

Tiko says when this E-ticketing revenues per driver was identified then the pay rise would eventuate. All this promises were null, nothing was happening so we continued to negotiate with the company, our representatives continued to negotiate with the company but nothing came forward so that it benefits the drivers.
Tiko says:
“So this is what we are crying for and the worst thing, there was was a pay rise that was introduced and the pay rise only included the non-members and there’s been a pay rise and they’ve been paid this particulars and backdated while the union member’s were not paid and they were waiting for the unions to say yes and they’ll be able to pay the whole amount so this is our frustration”

Confused and Frustrated Vatuwaqa residents were seen still waiting for the bus, some since 6:30 and others were seen walking towards Laucala Bay Area.

When contacted-the Management of Central Transport did not want to comment on the matter, only 4  buses were seen leaving the Depot this morning.

Central Buses Limited has about 45 buses in their Depot.

Transport Unions-General Secretary-Kamlesh Kumar says he will be meeting the workers in the next hour and will made a comment later today.


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