Thirty staff from the Fiji National University’s (FNU) College of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (CAFF) were recognized for their outstanding work during the inaugural CAFF Staff Awards event.
Chief Guest, FNU Pro Vice Chancellor Learning and Teaching, Professor James Pounder while congratulating the winners acknowledged their commitment and dedication.
Professor Pounder said such award events motivate staff to excel in their work performance, build strong teams and overall contributes to increased efficiency and productivity.
A special committee comprising of senior staff reviewed all award nominees before selecting the winners.
“This inaugural awards night is a memorable event and we need to celebrate such things. This whole celebration is really about the management structure, the manager in this particular faculty who is wanting to breathe life into the staff and keep them motivated,” said Professor Pounder.
Sharing his experiences, Professor Pounder said supervisors were very good at finding out what staff did wrong but rarely celebrated what staff did right.
“It is very easy to blame people but recognition of good work is extremely important and it is a very good motivational factor. The way that we motivate people is by giving them recognition and praising good work.”
“The thing that created internal motivation was excellent supervision, a caring and considerate supervisor and also the praise for good work. I see that this celebration is all about rejoicing the dedication and commitment of staff towards their work,” Professor Pounder added.
CAFF Dean, Professor Paul Iji said the College, as an arm of the University, has grown tremendously and has produced high caliber manpower required by the areas of agriculture, fisheries and forestry in Fiji and the region.
Professor Iji highlighted that the College has the most vibrant group of academics from throughout the world in agriculture, fisheries, forestry and veterinary.
“When I joined CAFF some 11 months ago, I inherited a group of very committed and hardworking staff. The first thing that came to my mind was to introduce an award system that will not only recognize the contribution but also stimulate the staff to achieve more,” said Professor Iji.
The Dean also acknowledged the support from the stakeholders in Fiji and outside the region, particularly the Fijian Government for its continuous support towards the College.
Meanwhile, the two prestigious awards of the night; Academic Staff of the Year and Support Staff of the Year was awarded to senior academic Asinate Moroca and Angelina Singh respectively.
Asinate Moroca, who has been in the field of agriculture for more than 29 years now, dedicated the award to her family, especially to her husband.
“My husband has always stood beside me and supported my decisions. It is difficult for a full-time working woman to manage home and work but I always had the support of my husband and my family and also the CAFF family,” said Moroca.
Support Staff of the Year recipient, Angelina Singh said she was pleasantly surprised to win the award.
“It was hard for me to believe that staff nominated me for this award. I never realised that I was an inspiration to so many of my female colleagues at the College,” said Singh.
Singh climbed the ranks from being a Personal Assistant to Executive Officer through her dedication and commitment to work.
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