The Fiji Bus Operators Association and the Fijian Elections Office have agreed that bus services on 14th November, 2018, will operate under the Public Holiday timetable and with additional trips in the morning to ensure that members of the public who have to travel to Polling Venues are able to use bus services for this purpose.

The FEO would like to extend its appreciation and thanks to the FBOA for their willingness to assist in enhancing the franchise as well as to ensure that all Fijians have access to a public means of transport that is widely used to enable them to access their Polling Venues on Election Day.

Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem said that it is essential for every Fijian to vote and the FEO is ensuring that it is able to engage all possible stakeholders in this regard to ensure that voters have the access as well as the ability to get to their assigned Polling Venues, mark their ballot paper and return home .

He added that the 14th of November, being a public holiday, will ensure that all voters who wish to vote on the day have the time free from the requirements of their workplace to mark their ballots.

The FEO urges all employers who will have their businesses operating on the day to accommodate the Constitutional right of Fijians and create an enabling environment where Fijians are able to attend to their Polling Venues and mark their ballot paper and return to work without any penalty or repercussions.

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