The Permanent Secretary of Local Governments-Joshua Wycliffe yesterday stated the Approved Botanical Garden Project proposed for the construction of the Indian Embassy.

The Botanical Garden is one of the most Iconic places in the Capital City and has a rich Diverse History and Cultural significance to it.

Wycliffe called a press conference yesterday to address the pressing issue of the botanical garden project.

It is understood that the Ministry of foreign affairs then agreed with government of India for the Fiji government to allocate that site for the construction.

The government of India did the same and allocated a piece of land as well for the Fijian government in to construct a facility for a Fiji Embassy.

At the moment that location is vacant land and is currently being used for a car park.

Through close scrutiny and evaluation the Suva city Council saw the multiple benefit at that stage where the proposal would bring to Suva and Fiji as a whole.

Wycilffe was asked if he could confirm the number of applications for objection they have received to which he replied.


It will be 30 calendar days after which the application for objections will be closed and further procedures taken.

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