Minister for Health and Medical Services, Rosy Akbar today officiated at the annual awards ceremony for Nadi Muslim Kindergarten and has advised parents to be vigilant of the distracting use of technology.
“Be careful of technology and don’t let it distract you – when your kids want to talk to you while you’re watching a favorite television show, talk to your kids. It’s important. We brought kids into this world and they should be our priority. And also control the technology use of your children,” Akbar said.
A total of 92 students graduated from the kindergarten, with prizes also handed out to students for Early Childhood Education (ECE) Week and those who maintained exceptional dental health.
Akbar also encouraged parents to take their children and adolescents for vaccinations against meningococcal C disease – the age group most at risk of getting the disease, if they had not yet done so.
She also stressed the importance of children being respectful.
“Many times the blame is put on teachers and many rights are given to children but parents need to also teach their children responsibility, and the first of these is respect. There are many times that teachers are teaching manners and faith-based teachings so the pressure is on them,” Akbar added.
Minister Akbar also encouraged parents to urge their children into learning other languages and embrace the multiculturalism that Fiji is well known for.
Kindergarten teacher Surekha Kumar Singh said parents were an important asset to the school.
“The most overwhelming key to the child’s success is the positive involvement of parents and together it is the school, teachers and parents who hold the importance through which children achieve success in life.”
The kindergarten follows the curriculum, Na Noda Mataniciva which encourages play-based learning.


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