The Minister for Land and Mineral Resources – Ashneel Sudhakar says bauxite mining is more sustainable compared to other excavation activities.

Minister Sudhakar made this comment during his visit to the Nawailevu Bauxite Mining Sires in Bua to kick off his week-long Northern Tour.

“Bauxite mining is different from the other types of mining for the major reason that it does not damage the environment much, we do not dig shafts or channels underground, we only go till about 10 metres of the top soil and then you take that soil, you wash it, and then extract the bauxite metal out of it,” he said.

Excavation works have been completed in both the bauxite mines in Nawailevu, namely the North and South Bauxite Mining Sites.

Aurum Exploration and Mining Services Limited – the company who carried out the mining – have been rehabilitating mined areas through pine planting.

The Minister continues his tour tomorrow where he will be commissioning three borehole projects.

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