The Permanent Sectary for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation Dr. Josefa Koroivueta today opened the 2019 Central Division Women Craft Show.
Sukuna Park was today filled with beautiful handicrafts made by 365 participants as members of the public took out time from their lunch to not only admire but buy the crafts made by women in the central division.
Litia Talei who is one the participants said that the show promotes healthy competition between craft makers which is good because buyers will benefit from the best they have to offer.
“Before women just make what they can but now they come out to show people what they can make because you don’t want to be out done. When you come to sell your crafts and you see another lady selling the same thing you are selling or makes it better than yours – you feel very dishearten.”
The 56-year-old who is physically impaired said the Craft Show was an opportunity for disadvantaged women to not only showcase their talent but earn a source of income for their families.
“I am the president of the Rewa, Naitasiri and Namosi disabled organization and we have 17 active members. The members give their crafts to me to sell in which 10 percent is cut out for the organization” says Talei
The 10 percent is then saved in a fund which is then used to help the members in terms of increasing output such as the new sewing machine they bought for a member that increased the production of shopping bags.
“Our organisation has a business which is registered, this helps us sell our crafts more easily. Our brand is slowly getting recognition to the point where people now come to us.”
“This kind of opportunity helps empower women, helps them provide for their family also as times are very hard nowadays.
The Art Councils were also present at the event to judge the crafts in order to select the very best to showcase at the Annual Women’s Expo in June.
The craft show will end tomorrow. 
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