Inspired by a video on the National Geographic Channel late last year, Tailevu lass-AnnMary Raduva is a living example of Inspiration and Motivation for all kids out there to take an idea and make something out of it.

Her “Say No to Balloon Releasing Movement” on social Media has garnered support not only from people who have heard her story but from the various Civil Society Groups not only here but abroad as well.

The 15- year- old Adi Cakobau Student is making waves in the community in raising awareness on the impacts that deflated balloons have on the environment.

She says they are trying not to release balloons but to plant mangroves, mangroves act as a nursery to our seafood that we eat like crabs and fish. So they act as wind breakers for our coastal villagers and they are the real environment Heroes. With the support of her parents, her campaign is making people from all walks of Life join her on this movement.

 Last months Mangrove Planting Campaign in the Laucala Bay area had more than 100 people showing up with 2000 mangrove seedlings planted and they are planning another bigger Campaign next month




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