Setting up a campaign is never an easy thing to do – especially when you are young and still in School.

This was exactly how 15-year-old Ann-Mary Raduva, felt when she first began her “Say No to Balloons Releasing” campaign on social media.

Raduva was shocked when her movement on social Media took off late last year.

Her campaign which uses planting mangrove seedlings  a more Eco-Friendly alternative to releasing Balloons even had the support of members of Parliament

Last month with more than 100 people showing up at the Laucala Bay area they managed to plant 2000 mangrove seedlings in the area.

For AnnMary it was a scary feeling at first as she took the idea and turned it into reality but the support of her parents was the fuel she needed to really making the campaign a reality

She has also started a Eco-Champs League group for kids under 18  with the main aim of fighting together to have a sustainable world because her generation will feel the impacts of Climate Change.

She also pays tribute to her late Grandfather whose message of looking after the environment is one she will carry with her for the rest of her life.

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