Information received about the alleged transportation of illicit drugs from Suva to Nadi resulted in the seizure of substances believed to be cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana.

The suspect believed to be in his late 40s was intercepted at the Navo Bridge in Nadi last night, where a search conducted inside his vehicle resulted in the discovery of clear plastics containing crystals believe to be methamphetamine, a white plastic containing powder believe to be cocaine and 2 bullets of dried leaves believed to be marijuana.

The same team of officers then proceeded to the Purple Haze Night Club in Nadi working on information received during the arrest about a suspected laboratory used for the manufacturing of the illicit substances.

The search resulted in the discovery of alleged materials and equipment believed to be used in the manufacturing of the illicit drugs was found.

The scene is currently sealed off as the Forensic team conducts their investigation.

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