Developing education strategies based on the character, competencies and values of students is more challenging but it may ultimately lead to more opportunities.

 Using data to inform funding may be another example of applying what we should do with what we know. Rather than see this as a way to increase value for money, the results-based financing agenda takes a broad look at funding approaches that reward the achievement of independently verified results.

 UNESCO’s Institute of Statistics provided a synopsis of what it takes to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for Education, and the challenges associated with this.

 These were amongst the vital focus of the 2019 Education World Forum that was held in London last week. 

 Fiji was honoured to have been part of this renowned annual international forum, which was attended by our Honourable Minister for Education, Minister Rosy Akbar, as well as members of the Fiji High Commission in London. 

 The Forum was coordinated for both collective and personal deliberation, for analysis from experts across the world and for discussion of our individual and collective futures.

 Amongst the sessions covered included that on Trends shaping education, which dealt with analysing National and Global trends to provide crucial insight for policy-makers and the communities they support. The program also examined how key technological, societal and economic forces can help move national education agendas and policy-making forward.

 The forum also included discussions on results based approaches for financing education, which focused on mobilising additional resources as well as strengthening the effectiveness and efficiency of Education spending.  Ministers also heard that a crucial determinant for the achievement of the SDGs in education is increasing public spending directed towards the sector.

 This annual dialogue further highlighted the importance of consistent stakeholder involvement and engagement including Teachers, Families, Students and communities.

 Honourable Education Ministers were also advised of the importance of Data i.e. interpreting evidence, forming policy and adjusting implementation.

 Whilst Life wide and lifelong personal development are increasingly critical for success and happiness, Honourable Ministers were informed that opportunities for employment and enterprise are changing rapidly, as do the challenges of life outside work. In view of this, Ministers were informed of strategies and policies for lifelong and life-wide learning, their implementation and their potential impact on the society.

 The forum also had Ministerial briefs sessions. One of the two (2) sessions that Minister Akbar attended was that on “Extending teaching and learning opportunities”, which focused on factors that makes a great teacher, and how expanding the opportunity to teach can influence educations capacity to support learners and enhance learning for all.

 Ministers also learnt of mechanisms/strategies that countries have adopted to improve Education in their respective countries. This included increasing minimum pay bracket for teachers, reviewing and changing teaching and training curriculum, review of Recruitment procedure; as well as periodic review of the overall Education system. 

 They were further informed of the three (3) identified influential factors of teaching, including Motivation, Beliefs and Diversity. They however also need to be mindful of Entry standards and criteria as well as Disabilities. Overall, Ministers were informed of the importance of Dreaming, Believing and Achieving. 

Akbar also attended the Ministerial briefing on “Ending violence in Schools and making them safe to Learn”. In attending this session, Ministers were advised on the importance of ensuring that children are in a safe and secure school environment; in order to learn and develop the skills and confidence needed to live healthy and prosperous lives.

The session also included discussions on the latest research and how governments, communities and leaders can capitalise on the work already carried out to end violence in schools.  

Amongst the prominent attendees of this year’s forum was Her Royal Highness, Princess Beatrice of York. 



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