The Adaptation Fund needs to be scaled up urgently and for it to come in Grants”

This was the statement made by OXFAM Pacific-Climate Finance Advisor-Dr. Jale Samuwai today.

Samuwai was speaking in regards to the upcoming 52nd Asian Development Bank Annual meting that will be held for the first time in Nadi this week.

The event is significant for the Pacific and an opportunity for the ADB’s Governor and members to hear directly about the Pacific Climate Change Realities.

Climate Finance Advisor-Doctor Jale Samuwai says there is a huge Gap on Adaptation and Financing when it comes to Climate Change.

“Adaptation Finance can’t come in the form of loan its immoral, looking at the issue of inequality that climate change has this, you cant ask Pacific Islanders to pay or to take a loan to pay  for their adaptation initiative because we didn’t cause this problem in the first place it needs to come in the form of grants and it needs to filter down to communities”

The Asian Development Bank Meeting in Nadi this week is an opportunity to highlight this issue. OXFAM Pacific Regional Director-Raijeli Nicole says the issue on climate change should be made at all levels of  discussions and Dialogues.

OXFAM Pacific hopes the meeting will be an opportunity for Pacific Leaders to raise critical issues such as closing the adaptation finance gap to help build a resilient, inclusive, and Climate Just-Asia Pacific


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