About 1328 Bookings was done for Public Littering from 11 Municipalities Last year.

This was revealed by Minister for Waterways and Environment-Dr. Mahendra Reddy.

Reddy says about $10,000 was collected from those that were booked.

In the month of June alone about 695 Bookings were made, the highest for last year.

“Out of 11 Municipalities, we did 1328 bookings out of those that were booked we collected about $10,000,we look to collect the rest of the remaining amount of money. So you can see that the highest number in June, 695 bookings were done. The numbers have gone down because there are other officers from town, also will be having designated Litter Vehicles to be on the ground”

Reddy says as of now, there are about 600 Authorized Litter Prevention Officers in Fiji  that will be undergoing training to upgrade their skills and talks are underway for having Designated Litter vehicles to be on the Ground to monitor people who litter in Public areas.

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