Minister for Industry, Trade, and Tourism Premila Kumar has labeled the 2019-2020 National Budget as a Pro-growth and very Responsible budget.

The Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Tourism has been given a total allocation of $67.1 million for the new financial year.

“I think today’s budget announcement is more for business, its a pro-growth budget, very responsible  budget, well thought out budget that will drive the economy and that’s what we need right now”

Kumar also spoke on the areas of focus for her Ministry:

“Definitely will be looking at how we are going to set up the central coordinating agency for micro small and medium enterprises, one area of work for the ministry, and setting up a trade commission in India that’s another area we need to focus on as well as the various laws that needs to be reviewed, particularly the foreign investment Act, I mean we are  developing investment legislation so more work needs to be done in that area, and we hope to see to the fruition of that”


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