There are 9 sites that still remains either closed/restricted to traffic due to the effects of Tropical Cyclone Mona.

– Waidradra Crossing on Vatulili Road – flooded crossing

– Rewasau Road – Restricted to Single Lane

– Sawanikula Crossing on Sawanikula Bukunivatu Road – flooded crossing

– Kings Rd at Naqia – fallen boulders blocking half road

– Wainimakutu Crossing on Saliadrau Road – flooded crossing

– Naicegacega Crossing on Nabukelevu Rd – flooded crossing

– Wainikavou Crossing on Beqa Rd – Approach Washout

-Wainikoka Farm Rd – underslip identified on road

– Colata Cocoa Road Crossing – flooded crossing

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