A 73-year-old Tailevu man will be sentenced by High Court Judge Justice Riyaz Hamza tomorrow.

The accused was charged for raping his 13-year-old granddaughter in August and October of 2015. He is charged with two counts of rape and was 69-years-old at the time while his granddaughter was in Year 8.

In his sentence submission, Director of Public Prosecutions lawyer Taitusi Tuenuku said the accused faces 2 counts of rape.

He says even though the accused is old what he had done, the victim will have to carry with her for the rest of her life.

Tuenuku said the 73-year-old was fully responsible for his actions.

He chose to rape the complainant, he knew what he was doing and used threats.

He said the victim stated she wanted to kill herself as she would always think about what the accused did to her and as a result she failed her exams.

She said the incidents were traumatizing and said it was hurting her life.

While reading out the aggravating factors Tuenuuku said this was a breach of trust and he had taken advantage of the victims vulnerability.

He said the rape of a young girls or sexual activity with elders is frowned upon in the Fijian Community.

In his mitigating factors the accused had no previous convictions in more than 10 years.

Tuenuku said the crime of rape has been too frequent in the society and the sentence should be a deterrence and denunciation for what he had done to the victim.

The 70 year old will be sentenced tomorrow.

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