A 60 year old man and his wife are standing trial before High Court Judge Justice Salesi Temo in relation to the alleged rape of a 14 year old girl.

The 60 year old man is charged with two counts of rape, one count of indecently annoying any person and one count of sexual assault.

The 60 year old woman is charged with aiding and abetting the offense of rape.

Apolosa Robai and his wife Maria Robaigau are now standing trial facing rape charges.

The second prosecution witness Dr Elvira Ongbit informed the court that the victim told her that a couple had sexually assaulted her in the month of August 2016.

She further said the victim told her that the first incident occurred when the 60 year old woman asked her to go to her house and clean the house for bus fare.

Dr Ongbit said that the victim told her that when she had gone inside the house she saw that the husband and wife were allegedly naked in front of her and that is when the man had allegedly raped her.

Dr Ongbit said that the victim also told her that after the man allegedly raped her, he then allegedly had sexual intercourse with his wife.

Dr Ongbit said that the girl told her that this happened twice in August 2016.

Second accused Maria Robaigau’s lawyer Simione Valenitabua had asked the doctor during cross examination if the victim was sexually active.

Dr Ongbit said that the victim was sexually active and she had also admitted to her during the medical examination that she had a history of sexual intercourse.

Valenitabua then asked Dr Ongbit if it was possible that the injuries on the girl had occurred two weeks before the medical examination took place.

Dr Ongbit responded by saying yes.

Both defence councils in the trial also called the accused as witnesses this afternoon

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