The 60 year old couple who are standing trial before High Court Judge, Justice Salesi Temo in relation to the alleged rape, have claimed in court that the14 year old victim is lying.

The 60 year old man is charged with two counts of rape, one count of indecently annoying any person and one count of sexual assault while his 60 year old wife is charged with aiding and abetting the offence of rape.

Taking the stand as a defence witness yesterday, the first accused, the 60 year old man denied all allegations against him.

Legal aid lawyer Lisiate Qetaki asked his client the reasons why the girl would come to court and accuse him of raping her, he said he did not know and that he did not know anything.

Qetaki asked him if he could confirm the $20 he gave the girl- he said it was for food for her family.

The second accused’s lawyer Simione Valenitabua in his cross examination asked if he had ever sent his wife to ask the girl to clean their house, he said no. Valenitabua asked if his wife paid the girl $10 for cleaning their house – he said he did not know.

When asked if he could confirm if he did not know or it did not happen- he said : it did not happen.

Justice Temo then asked the first accused if the money he had given the girl meant she had to do something in return – he said no.

Justice Temo questioned the 60 year old man why a little girl would come to court and throw such serious allegations. He said there were only two options it was either the girl was lying or what she claimed was the truth.

He said that she was lying.
The second accused confirmed in court that she and the first accused are married with 6 children.

Prosecutor Kimberly Semisi asked if the victim had ever come to her home she said no.

The prosecutor told her that her husband had agreed in court that she was staying with him in 2016 – she replied that she was staying in Vatuwaqa.

When asked if what her husband was saying was a lie- she said she was staying in Vatuwaqa.

Justice Temo then asked why in the world would a young person come and point a finger in court, it was either she is nuts in the head or telling the truth. The wife said she is nuts in the head and that she’s lying.

The daughter of the two had also given evidence. She said her mother had been staying with her since July 2016 and had only gone home on sundays.

She said she would drop her mother at home for church and pick her up after lunch.
During the cross examination the witness was asked to look at her statement and to clarify if she stated that her mother stayed with her from Tuesdays to Saturdays- she said yes.

In the re-examination defence lawyer Valenitabua told the witness that in her evidence she said her mother stayed with her everyday and asked to whic h is the truth. the witness said while giving her statement to the police she felt pressured but later recalled that her mother had been staying with her.


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