The Fiji Women’s Rights Movement has this week, published the “Sexual Violence Against Women and Girls Rape Case Analysis for 2018”.

A total of 94 Rape cases were decided in the High Courts of Fiji last year, and FWRM has published a number of ‘Trends’ – that stood out from the Analysis.

FWRM’s Executive Director – Nalini Singh says, its a testament to the fact that there is an ‘Urgency’ needed – to try and make a more Concerted effort between all stakeholders, to overcome this in our communities.

FWRM has undertaken an Annual Rape cases Analysis since 2016 as part of their ongoing Research and Advocacy on strengthening Fijian’s women’s Access to Justice.

In all 94 cases of rape decided by the High courts in 2018, all the Accused were male, the youngest accused was 11 years old and the oldest at 85 years of age.

All victims and survivors of the 94 cases were females with the youngest being a 6 month old baby and the oldest victim/survivor, a 71 year old woman.

The average age of the accused was at 39 years old and the average age of victims/survivors at 14 years old.

The increasing prevalence and the heinous nature of sexual violence cases reported and heard in our courts is always concerning.

FWRM also studied the trends in sentences meted out during convictions and found that the highest sentence delivered last year was a Life sentence.

A more startling findings was that From 2016 to 2018, the average age of victims/survivors of rape cases were all under the age of 17.

FWRM Executive Director-Nalini Singh says the statistics also showed the age of the youngest victims/survivors decrease each year and they are grateful the courts have increased tariffs for child rape offences last month and hope this will remind us all that there is zero tolerance for sexual violence and rape and that it is totally unacceptable in our society.

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