An emotional 59 year old Prem Wati of Omkar road Narere was overjoyed as she received her newly built home from the Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources, Ashneel Sudhakar today.

Wati thanked Government for their contribution towards her new home, she also commended the community for their support over the years.

Minister Sudhakar said the government had issued Wati a 99 year lease in 2017 under the government’s squatter regularization policy.

“The Prime Minister had made an announcement that people who have been living in squatter settlements for a long time and have no other hope will be given a lot on the same property to occupy.”

Wati was supposed to move to her lot of land but due to financial difficulties she could not build her new house. She is alone after her husband passed away many years ago. She has no resources or family to assist her.”

The Sanatan Dharam Rewa branch and the Advisory Councilor Ratnesh Bhawan got together to seek assistance from members of the public to construct her new house.

The wooden and corrugated iron house was built in just two and half days with the assistance of the neighbors.

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