The 4Million Trees Initiative by Government, according to President Jioji Konrote not only reflects a deep sense of responsibility but to leave our Nation in a better state than when we found it!

As Champions of Climate Change in the Pacific and the World as outgoing President of COP23, President Konrote adds that this initiative also shows our global obligation to protect our natural environment.

“The 4 Million Trees initiative will no doubt have a positive and lasting impact on the lives of our resource owners, and this is extremely vital in Government’s quest to ensure the equitable distribution of wealth among the urban and rural areas.

I have every confidence that this same socio-economic impact will benefit all Fijians as the forestry sector increases its contribution to our Nation’s economic growth.

Government’s new national priorities on forestry essentially include the sustainable management of Fiji’s forests resources to cater for both the current and future needs and in the process, to increase the forestry sector’s contribution to Fiji’s economic growth.”

President Konrote adds this initiative can also be passed on to the various groups in our communities to get everyone involved.

“This new initiative will help the Nation to be in a better position to strike a balance between conservation and the sustainable utilization of our forests resources. I have no doubt that the Ministry of Forestry will reach out to as many stakeholders as humanly possible to help us achieve this national target.”

“Groups like the resource owners, women and youth groups, schools, the forestry and business sectors, and both our international and domestic development partners, including the nongovernmental organisations, and individuals can all add significant value to this initiative.”

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