To limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Nawaka area in Nadi was locked down on 30 May 2021 following the confirmation of several cases in the community.

Since the lockdown order, the Ministry of Economy can confirm that the residents of Nawaka were among the 700 families in lockdown areas in Nadi to receive government-funded groceries and essential items. 

The Fijian Government is troubled by incorrect social media reports that the residents of Nawaka have not received groceries and essential items. After an internal investigation, it has been confirmed that rations were successfully delivered to the community in line with a well-communicated delivery schedule on 2 June, 3 June and 12 June 2021.

In the scheduled delivery to Nawaka residents, households with more than six members were provided two groceries and essential items ration packs while those with 12 or more members were provided with three packs. “We’re concerned by the mass movement of people within the Nawaka area that brought many individuals needlessly into close contact with others.

The Ministry of Economy has confirmed that ration distributions for (12 June) were communicated to the community several days before the protest event was orchestrated.  Groceries and essential items packs are being provided to all families under lockdown orders.

While we understand this is a stressful and anxious time for many, we ask that those under lockdown orders listen clearly to the advice from the government and demonstrate strict adherence to our health protection measures until we have a firmer grip on this outbreak,” said the PS for Health and Medical Services, Dr James Fong.  

The distribution of ration packs is conducted on the basis of need for communities under lockdown orders due to cluster(s) of COVID-19 in the community. The distribution of groceries and essential items will continue on its current distribution schedule to assist families under lockdown orders. 

Yesterday is day 14 of the Nawaka lockdown. An additional two cases of COVID-19 have been retrieved from the Nawaka area over the past two days. The Ministry of Health is planning to reduce the lockdown boundaries to more targeted areas that should allow for greater movement of some families in the community.

This decision may now need to be reviewed as close contacts of the latest cases may have been part of the protest event and could have spread the virus to other people in the locked down community. 867 groceries and essential items packs were allocated for delivery to Nadi lockdown zones today.

To-date a total of 1707 ration packs have been distributed to families in the Nadi locked down zones.

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