A total of 44 thousand, 7 hundred and 8 voters – cast their votes during Pre-polling for the 2018 General Elections.

The Fijian Elections Office had registered 70 thousand, 7 hundred and ninety-one voters, for Pre-poll.

A total of 26 thousand and 83 voters – did not cast their vote.

The percentage Voter Turn-Out stood at 63 point 4 percent.

From the West where 13 thousand 819 voters cast their vote from the expected 22 thousand and forty.

Eleven thousand 432 voters cast their votes in the East, from the expected voter numbers of 19 thousand 3 hundred and 84.

In the Central Division, from the expected 14 thousand 778 registered Voters – 9 thousand 694 voters cast their votes.

And in the Northern Division, from the 14 thousand 709 registered Voters – 9 thousand 763 voters cast their votes during the Pre-poll.

The highest percentage of Voter turn-out was in the North, that recorded a 66 point 37 percent.

The Central Division recorded 65 point 59 percent, followed by the Western Division that recorded a 62 point 7 percent turnout.

The Eastern Division recorded a 58 point 97 percent turn out of voters, who cast their votes during Pre-poll.

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