An early morning pursuit resulted in the arrest of four men alleged to be involved in an aggravated robbery case at a supermarket located along Khalsa Road at around 3am this morning.

The four allegedly armed with cane knives, pinch bar and stones, entered K-24 Supermarket at Khalsa Rd where they hreatened the security officer and two cashiers and stole assorted cigarettes and cash estimated to be worth $1,000.

Police were alerted of the incident and officers from the Valelevu Police Station, Police Special Response Unit and the patrol cars pursued the suspects.

The four fled the scene in a stolen vehicle whereby police were alerted of the incident and pursued the four and road blocks were erected to cut them off. 

The stolen vehicle was found after it crashed into a house and the four had jumped into a taxi and in the process allegedly stoned the police vehicle. 

The four were arrested at the Dokanaisuva Roadblock and taken into custody at the Valelevu Police Station where they are currently being questioned.

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