The Land Transport Authority has booked 39 drivers so far for traffic obstruction as part of its Urban Clear-ways operation that started on Monday.

LTA also removed 13 abandoned vehicles, including two vehicles without number plates that were parked on the public highway during the Urban Clearways time zones in Suva.

This was introduced:

Goodenough Street: (Full Length) One way westbound from the junction of Gordon Street to the junction with Loftus Road;

Carnarvon Street: One-way northbound from the junction with Loftus Street to the junction with McArthur Street;

Carnarvon Street: One-way southbound from the junction with Loftus Street to the junction with Thurston Street.


These vehicles have been removed to a compound and will be released after Traffic Infringement Notices have been issued and paid in full including any outstanding Infringements, towing charges,impounding charges and a vehicle road worthiness inspection charge. Ignoring Urban Clearway regulations can be a costly exercise for vehicle owners who choose to ignore the Regulations.

More Urban Clearways are coming as part of a program by FRA enforced by LTA.

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