Soldiers attending the Junior Non Commissioned Officers (JNCO) course were cautioned to protect military information from various threats forces of which the RFMF is exposed.

The message was relayed by Major Isireli Narawa at the Sukanaivalu Barracks, Labasa

In his presentation, Maj. Narawa who was the guest speaker on Information Security told students that military information should only be distributed on the need to know basis.

“There are several classifications of military information and soldiers are required to adhere to this in order to ensure that classified information are protected.

The presentation by Major Narawa was well supported by two other guest speakers, Warrant Officer Class One A. Waqa and Warrant Officer Class Two J. Sorovi who enlightened students on Media Awareness and the proper use of Social Media by military personnel.

Lieutenant Colonel Kitione Tuinaosara who was also a guest speaker, presented on the Law of Armed Conflict.

The JNCO course Team Leader Warrant Officer Class Two Jovilisi Naiduki stated that the third week’s training programme focused on general military guidelines.

“The training programme this week focuses mainly on general military guidelines on Media, Information Security, Law of Armed Conflicts and Rules of Engagement,” he said.

He added that the first week of training focused on leadership traits and the second week involved military administration.

Corporal Panapasa Yaluyalulala expressed his appreciation on what he has learned throughout the first three weeks of the course. “I am pleased. Learning leadership traits, Information Security and other topics covered on the first three weeks of the course is an eye opener,” he said.

He only wished that he had attended the course earlier during in his past thirty (30) years of service.

With only one year left to serve in the military, he hoped that young soldiers would be given an earlier opportunity to attend the course.

The thirty four (34) personnel attending the JNCO’s course comprises of 4 from Force Training Group, 2 from Land Force Command Battalion, 10 from Engineers, 12 from Golf Company and 6 personnel from the Territorial Force Brigade.

WO2 Naiduki expects trainees to develop their knowledge, skills and attitude required of an effective JNCO of the RFMF from the course.

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