British heavyweight fighter Tyson Fury got under the skin of American WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder today during a press conference, calling Wilder a “pretender.”

An entertainer on the mic, Fury taunted Wilder saying his opponent’s prefight talk is cringe and rehearsed nonsense.

“Because when you see a bad man you know what one looks like and when I look at him I don’t see a bad man I see a pretender,” said Fury.

“And I have seen many of them in my life, giving it the big un until they get slapped in the mouth. That is what really happens, but I have been like this since day one, this ain’t an act.”

Things turned pear-shaped after the press conference when the two fighters got in each other’s faces and began pushing and shoving during their stare down.

Fury, a former world champion boxer has lost over 60kg for the title fight which is set to go down on Sunday in Los Angeles.


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