21 Foreign Nationals were apprehended by the Immigration Department to be living in Fiji illegally last year.

This was confirmed by Immigration Director-Nemani Vuniwaqa.

He revealed that Bangladesh,China, and India Top the 3 Countries found to have their Nationals living illegally in Fiji Last Year.
He says foreign nationals coming to our Country must make sure they meet all the the Necessary Requirements to Enter our Borders.

He stated those who do not meet such Criteria are considered Non-Genuine Visitors.

“All foreign Nationals if they most, nearly all of them come through the gates and that is they come through our borders, and they are administered coming through our borders-They’ve met all the Requirements to enter our borders and I’ve already stated  those that do not meet this are considered Non-Genuine Visitors, they are detained and are removed on the first available flight”

Vuniwaqa has emphasized  the fact that it doesn’t matter if its 1 day or 10 years, if a Foreign National has overstayed their Permit, they are considered illegal and considered a Prohibited Immigrant.

The Immigration Department always strives to strengthen our Border Security and Streamline customs and Immigration.


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