There are 145 Prisoners from the Lomaiviti Province with 97 Convicted and 48 in Remand.

The Current Prison Population stands at two thousand three hundred and eleven, with one thousand seven hundred and eighty six Convicted and five hundred and twenty Five in Remand from 15 Correctional Institutions from around Fiji.

This was revealed during a one day Symposium between the Fiji Corrections Services and the Lomaiviti Province held in Suva today.

Rehabilitation Director-Salote Panapasa says the Lomaiviti Province Represents Six Percent of the Current Total Prison Population in Fiji.

“Stats as of Today, we have 145 Prisoners from the Province of Lomaiviti, from that 145, 97 are Convicted Prisoners and 48 are on Remand of which six percent of the Total Provinces incarcerated.”- Rehabilitation Director-Salote Panapasa.

Panapasa says one of the main challenges for them is Acceptance of Prisoners back into the community that are released from their Institutions.

“This is one of the many challenges that we face is the acceptance of Prisoners who are released from our various institutions. Apart from the 4 Provinces Symposium that we have conducted, Lomaiviti is the fifth one. We’re Looking forward to conduct another two Symposium for this Finacial Year for the Ra and the Cakaudrove Provinces.”

For the Lomaiviti Province this is an alarming Statistics and the Province has a role to play in the rehabilitation of inmates.

The main Focus of the Symposium is to allow communities to understand their role and responsibilities particularly in breaking the stigma towards Inmates.

The Current Total Prison Population stands at 2311 from the 15 Correctional Institutions from around Fiji.

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