Another 14 brown parcels believed to contain cocaine have been discovered in the Yasawa Group of islands.
The discovery was made on the 9th and I0th of September.
The first discovery of 10 parcels were made by three people who were on their way to collect seaweed.
The second discovery of two parcels was made by a farmer who was returning from his farm while the third was made by man who found another 2 parcels washed ashore.
All had similar brown packaging with the picture of a buffalo.
The Commissioner of Police Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho says investigations are underway with the Fijian Navy and Australian authorities.
Equipment believed to have initially stored the parcels has been discovered in one of the outer islands and with the discoveries being made in different locations across Fiji, the assistance of the Fiji Navy and Australian authorities will help in identifying other likely places the parcels could be found.
Members of the public are requested to call the toll free number 3318 529 if they have made similar discoveries or know if anyone is selling the illicit substances.
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