It’s a sad day for the Fiji Police Force, according to the Commissioner Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho.

The Commissioner raised his concerns this morning, on the number of Non-Communicable Diseases-related deaths in the Police Force this year.

Qiliho said there have been 14 NCD-related deaths so far, in the Force  for the year.

Qiliho revealed that apart from upholding the law in the country , there is another major concern for him.

The Commissioner said the number of NCD related deaths in the force is a major worry.

‘It’s worrying me that we’ve already equaled the number of deaths in the Force for last year. We had 14 deaths last year and so far we’ve hit 14 already, all these deaths are preventable and all are NCD related as I haven’t had any deaths in the Police Force in the line of duty or killed in action so to speak while carrying out Police work’, Qiliho said.

The Commissioner has been at the forefront pushing for a healthy and fit Police Force.

‘That’s something that I’ve been pushing hard on.It has been raised in parliment by opposition members on their concerns that I was pushing for fitness in the force.It was something I had to do after conducting a health audit within the force, I found out that there were a lot sick members within the force and ou stats over the years haven’t been a good one,’the Commissioner added.

In his weekly Skype session briefing with his senior officers from around the country this morning, Qiliho was again hit with another sad news..

But there have been some positive feedback’s from the medical professionals on the progress of Qiliho’s medical concerns for the force that one of his senior officers had passed away while they will also lay to rest one of the officers this Friday

Qiliho has reiterated that he would continue to push for a healthy and fit Fiji Police Force.

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