Youth groups have been encouraged to cultivate unused land for agriculture purposes.

Speaking at the official handover ceremony for the Nasau Youth Club Farming Initiative in Nakabuta Village in Nadroga, the Minister for Youth and Sports, Parveen Kumar acknowledged the landowners for consenting their land to youth groups for agriculture and commercial purposes.

“The Ministry has been exploring the possibility of youth clubs being given consent by landowners to utilise land for such farming activities. This initiative is now turning into a reality as we have various landowning units providing consent to youth clubs to utilise their land for farming.

“Members of the Nakabuta Youth Club, Nakalavo Youth Club and the Naduri Youth Club received farming tools, equipment such as knapsack sprayers, files, shylon shades for a greenhouse along and vegetable seedlings and fertilisers.

“I am told that before receiving this assistance, these youth groups had been involved in various community activities such as providing services to the elderly, to their church members, participating in environmental clean-up activities, sports, farming and selling their farm produce to meet family needs.

These youth members serve as positive role models, not only to their peers but to their families, community and their country at large.”

“In an effort to help our young Fijians recover from the crisis and ensure that no one is left behind, the Ministry of Youth and Sports through the Youth Farm Initiative is driving youths to cultivate and utilise land for agriculture purposes.

“Produce from these farming activities will provide food security for the youth and their families.

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