The recent raise in plastic bags that are less than 50 microns thick, in municipal markets, is a matter of concern for the World Wildlife Fund.

Fiji Great Sea Reef Programme Manager, Alfred Ralifo, believes if the situation further escalates, our marine resources will be in danger once again.

World Wildlife Fund Fiji’s vision of no plastic in nature by 2030 calls for addressing the problem at its root.

But it seems there are some issues with a few market centers still packaging goods into plastic bags that are less than 50 microns thick.

Half of all the plastic that’s ever been produced was made in the last 15 years and if we leave plastic pollution unchecked, it will only continue to wreak havoc on nature.

WWF is urging individuals to take a personal stand in taking their own bags while going out shopping.

The plastic bag ban was announced in 2018 to reduce Fiji’s consumption of plastic bags given its far-reaching environmental consequences.

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