WOWs Kids Fiji Walk On Walk Strong has received a financial boost of $18,000 to continue the work of supporting children living with cancer.

The donation has been made possible by the Fiji Embassy in Korea and the Korean based international non-government organization ‘International We Love’U Foundation’.

Chairwoman of the International We Love’U Foundation Zahng Gil-ja reflected on the pillars of the foundation which is unconditional love of a mother that extends beyond nationality, race, language, and culture.

She highlighted the importance of sharing resources between neighbours that would help achieve good health and wellbeing to address poverty around the world.

In accepting the donation on behalf of WOWS Kids Fiji, Fiji’s Ambassador to Korea Peniana Lalabalavu thanked the Foundation for the generous contribution provided to the WOWS Kids Fiji.

WOWS Kids Fiji, Team Leader Viola Lesi acknowledged the timely assistance and thanked Fiji Embassy in Korea for its swift response in facilitating the consultation process to secure assistance for WOWs Kids Fiji.

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