As today marks “World Fisheries Day”, it was a solemn occasion when Senior Management and officers of the Ministry of Fisheries, gathered at a dawn service this morning, to remember the lives of officers lost at sea.  
While officiating at the Service in Wainibokasi this morning, the Permanent Secretary for Fisheries – Craig Strong said, while celebrating “World Fisheries Day”, the ministry would like to pay homage to the memories of work colleagues, who paid the ultimate sacrifice, and gave their lives for the service of others.
He says Quote … “that we remember their courage, their commitment, and we remember their determination to serve our communities, no matter how rough the seas” … Unquote. 
He gave thanks for their lives, and said they continue to pray for those, they have left behind.
The Regional Service Centres in the North, West, East and Central divisions, will be carrying out programs simultaneously, to commemorate “World Fisheries Day” today.
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