The Damodar City Labasa Phase 1 completion work will re-commence in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile the company has secured refinancing of Phase 2 of the project and documentation is now underway.

The second phase will house mainly the cinema, foodcourt, and additional retail shops.

The construction site has been closed for 2 months while the company sorted out its refinancing.

The Phase 1 Supermarket wing is expected to be completed by mid-2021.
The delay in construction has not been all bad news.

In fact, this delay in construction was welcomed by the tenants who have signed up for the complex. As the COVID-19 impact has slowed down business and the economy this year, the tenants prefer to defer their major capital expenditure to the New Year.

The interest in Damodar City Labasa is still high and there are many enquiries for space.

There have been a number of positive news coming out for Labasa recently that is generating the positivity.

The neighbouring FNU Labasa Campus construction will recommence in 2021 and Government has recently announced the possible relocation of the market and the fish market to the same locality.

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