In the bid to enhance the livelihood of families in the Rewa province, a Plant Propagation training was conducted to elevate and improve living standards.

The 30 women participants under the Women in Agriculture program of the Ministry of Agriculture hope to empower women through floriculture.

The Permanent Secretary for Agriculture, Mr. Ritesh Dass said the training held at the Agriculture Station in Lakena was designed for women to create an impact on their communities and villages.

“Women are agents of change in communities and families and it is vital that this training be brought to you so you can see the importance of flowers not only for decorations but for income generation,” he said.

“I thank you for availing yourselves and the hard work you all do back at home to feed your families either through agriculture practices or whatever means, it is highly appreciated,” said the Permanent Secretary.

He encouraged the participants to practice the different activities conducted through the training.

“The training has taught you activities such as seed germination, mixing of planting medium and repotting and basic classification of plants,” he said.

“It has also enhanced your knowledge on flower plant propagation methods and management and through which you will be able to improve the management of plants,” he said.

Mr. Dass stressed the importance of information sharing for floriculture growth in the Rewa province.

“Passions and interests in flowers can also uplift the standard of living generating income for families,” he said.

“There is potential in the Rewa Province for floriculture and share with other women who are not here for this training what you have learnt so we can continue to see more development through floriculture,” he said.

In addition, the Permanent Secretary encouraged the women to utilize government assistance for growth and development.

“There is assistance for Women in Agriculture provided by the Ministry, take the opportunity to explore and utilize it for growth in your floriculture businesses,” he said.

Lokia Village participant Mrs. Susana Cuvatoka said the training was done in an opportune time for the women to learn new innovative activities of floriculture.

“This training is an eye opener and it has taught us other activities that we do not know of in regards to plants and flowers,” she said.

“We are accustomed to the traditional practice of flower and plant keeping for decorations or subsistence use but this training has taught us it’s high in demand,” said Mrs. Cuvatoka.

“A few things I have come to learn includes landscaping and plant multiplication methods as well as learn plant and flower names that I have not heard of before.”

Mrs. Cuvatoka thanked the Ministry for the initiative to enlighten women of Rewa on the importance of plants.

“Most of us do not really know the importance and names of each plant and flower and I thank the Ministry of Agriculture through this training we are able to appreciate and educate ourselves on plant propagation.”

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