The woman who claimed that she was drugged, abducted, tortured and sold for sex has been charged with allegedly giving false information to a public officer.

The 19year old woman was charged earlier today following a thorough investigation conducted by the Divisional Crime Officer Eastern ASP Ifereimi Savou and a team of investigators.

The accused has been charged with 2 counts of giving false information to a Public Servant contrary to Section 210 of the Crimes Act 2009.

Initial information provided by the accused stated that she was drugged and abducted late last month and found herself in a strange home in the Bau area, where she saw other girls who were also taken forcefully by the same woman who gave her a beverage to consume in Vatuwaqa.

Police managed to locate the woman who she claimed had abducted her, and discovered that she had gone willingly with her after the woman found her asking for money and wanting to get away from home.

She went to the woman’s home and stayed with her family for one week, before running away again.

It was shortly later that she made the allegations of abduction against the woman who had initially offered her a place to stay after seeing her asking for money.

Other witnesses have also come forward with information that strongly contradicts the claims made by the 19year old accused and forensic drug tests conducted have all turned out negative.

The accused was also taken for psychiatric evaluation before she was officially charged.

Investigators worked tirelessly on this case considering the seriousness of the allegations and many have been quick to vilify a woman whose sole intention was to assist a woman in need which is of great concern.

Options have been provided to the woman who has been attacked online about her involvement in the abduction case if she wishes to lodge a report against those attacking her online.

A lot of time and resources were directed to this case which could have been put to better use in investigating genuine cases.

The accused will be produced at the Nausori Magistrates Court on Monday.

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