Land Transport Authority is reminding motorists that window tinting on the front window should not be less than 70% and rear and side windows should not be less than 60% visible light transmittance. This means that your front window cannot be more than 30% dark and your side and rear windows cannot be more than 40% dark. A full explanation is provided below for your information.

you present, your vehicle for test at either LTA facility or an Authorised Test
Facility or your vehicle is subject to a roadside check and your window tint is
found to exceed the legal limits you will be required to remove the window
tinting immediately.

LTA have sophisticated digital window tint meters properly calibrated with officers
are trained to use to measure the tint intensity.

is Window Tinting in Fiji Controlled?

is because it is necessary to regulate window tinting for the purposes of
public security and to dissuade criminals from using vehicles with excessive
window tints where they are conveying illegal material such as

goods etc. This is supported by Fiji Police.

and Police Officers will be carrying out spot checks on vehicles with
unauthorized window tints. The only vehicles approved for window tint
exemptions are those that have a written permit issued by LTA. If you have such
a permit you must carry this with you at all times for inspection by LTA or
Police. You run the risk of a Traffic Infringement Notice or vehicle impounding
by Police if you cannot produce the exemption permit at the time you are

of how window tinting is calculated:

window tinting films are measured in visible light transmission (VLT) levels,
which is measured as percentage. So when you see a window tint being referred
to as a percentage, this is the VLT.

what does the percentage actually mean?

simple terms, the VLT is the percentage of light that the film allows to pass
through. So a 5% VLT film is very dark as it only lets though 5% of visible
light and a 70% film is very light as it lets through 70%.

this doesn’t mean that when you apply a 5% tint to your car window it will only
allow 5% of light through. The glass in car windows already has a slight tint
to it of around 80%.

calculate the actual VLT of the glass with film applied to it, you need to
multiply the VLT of the window tint applied by the VLT of the glass e.g.
applying a 5% film to glass with an 80% tint to it, you would multiply 5% x 80%
= (0.05×0.80) x100 = 4%. So the glass and window tint would have a combined VLT
of 4%.

there a way to test my windows for their current VLT %?

a matter of fact, there is!

installers will be able to tell you with one look and be correct within about
5%, that is because they do this all day, every day, and they get to know the
product pretty quickly. The LTA enforcement officials and many professionals
use a device to get a VLT reading that is extremely precise.

Vehicle Lighting

fitting or modification of vehicle lighting which deviates from the
manufacturer’s standard specification is prohibited. Specifically, the display
of coloured lighting fitted on the front sides, roof and rear of any vehicle is
not allowed. Neither is the fitting of any flashing, strobe, or rotating
beacons permitted other than on approved vehicles.

lamps apart from the vehicle manufacturers must be approved by LTA prior to

beam alignment must be checked annually on dip and high beam to prevent causing
temporary blindness to the drivers on on-coming vehicles. Necessary adjustments
must be made by a skilled motor technician to ensure compliance.

brake lights constitute an offence. If you have a brake light which is
non-operational get it repaired as soon as possible.

number plate lights – these must be fully functioning at all times.Vehicle
Lighting is important to see and be seen in the hours of darkness or when there
is poor visibility especially during rain.

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