A commitment made by the founder and President of the Christian Mission Fellowship International Church Reverend Suliasi Kurulo to the Acting Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu and senior officers this morning.

The courtesy call to the President of the CMFI and senior executives is part of the Fiji Police’s ongoing efforts of engaging religious groups in the fight against crime.

Reverend Kurulo said CMFI has a number of programs that would compliment Community Policing efforts as it is specifically targeted at the family structure as well as young children.

He added that Policing efforts in reducing crime are similar to what the Church is doing in that they fight the spiritual battle against evil.

The head of the CMFI said it was noticeable that everyone was fighting their own battle adding it was time everyone combined efforts towards the common goal of reducing crime and saving lives.

Discussions also revolved around the possibility of holding a national seminar bringing together stakeholders as the Church believes empowerment through knowledge will also assist in crime prevention efforts.

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