Water supply to majority of Fijians in areas that were disrupted in the Central Division has been normalized.

All major service distribution reservoirs at Wainibuku,
Tovata, Nasinu, Toorak, Tacirua, Dokanaisuva, and Colo-i-Suva are at healthy
and desirable water levels, while the Flagstaff and Nagatugatu reservoirs are
currently being re-filled while simultaneously supplying to customers.

Meanwhile, the emergency repairs to two damaged fire
hydrants located along Nailuva Road and Moli Street have been completed
successfully last night (09/02), with water supply normalized.

The Authority once again urges Fijians to refrain from
illegally opening or tampering with WAF assets such as valves or fire hydrants
on roadsides, as this greatly interrupts water supply to Fijians during an
unplanned water disruption areas and can even prolong the disruption period.

Fijians are also urged to contact WAF’s National Contact
Centre on 334 6777 or short code 5777 or toll-free helpline on 1507 to report
leakages on road sides as well as to request for water carting services.

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