Customers living along the Kings Road from the #Wainibuku junction to the #RewaBridge are currently experiencing water supply disruptions due a malfunctioned gate valve situated at the Wainibuku junction.

The gate valve controls treated water stored at the WAF Wainibuku Reservoir before it is reticulated to customers.

Areas affected are Nakasi, Naulu, Chadwick Road, Davuilevu Housing, Gagali Road, Buabua Road, Sasawira Street, Farm Road, Waidamudamu areas, FNU Koronivia, Koronivia Research Station areas, Koronivia Road up to Lokia, Dhalip Street, Ramendra Street, WPD Davuilevu, Davuilevu Theological College as well as Lelean Memorial School.

The Authority will carry out urgent works to have the gate valve replaced, however, a total shutdown of the Wainibuku Reservoir outlet is required.

WAF did not immediately carry out repairs as this would result in a larger section of the Nasinu area without water for days. More details will be provided later today and we urge customers in the other parts of Nasinu to store sufficient water for at least 2 to 3 days.

WAF apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Water carting trucks have been deployed since 4am this morning (10/12) to provide relief.


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