The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) continues to provide Fijians with clean water and wastewater services.

More Fijians can now access this than ever before.

“WAF has made great progress in many of our critical projects and we continue to increase our operational efficiency and overall ability,” said WAF CEO, Barry Omundson.

“As a result we now have greater capacity to provide a clean and regular supply of water to Fijians, as well in terms of wastewater management.”

This includes projects under the Water Sources and Water Treatment Scheme, the Wastewater Treatment Plants Scheme, the Rural Water Supply Program and installation of new generators and switchboard systems to ensure reliable power supply to WAF facilities.

Water Sources and Water Treatment Scheme

WAF has engaged in 3 major contracts under their Water Sources and Water Treatment Scheme relating to packaged water treatment plants with new reservoirs for identified sites.

This encompasses a total of 7 sites at a total cost of approximately $32.5 million.

1 site in Deuba is in operation since November 2019 and 2 sites in Waiwai and Savusavu are currently being installed.

The fourth site in Levuka has completed manufacture and delivery and is stored for planned installation works by the end of 2020.

Another 2 sites in Vunidawa and Nabouwalu have had their designs completed and manufacturing is in progress.

The 7th site which is in Nagado has had designs completed and will be scheduled for manufacture, delivery, and installation in the 2021/2022 Public Sector Investment Program (PSIP).

Under this scheme, a major reservoir construction project covering a total of 12 identified sites, having 15 reservoirs of varying capacities in total, is also included.

These works currently amount to approximately $29.4 million with 3 sites commissioned in Namau, Naikabula and Balevuto.

4 sites have reservoirs installed, pending connection works scheduled for 2020/2021 PSIP for Toorak, Tauvegavega, Nadi Hospital, Lautoka Hospital and Raralevu Tank 2.

4 other sites have reservoir construction works-in-progress at Raralevu Tank 1, Nawaicoba Tank 1 and Tank 2, Tacirua East, and Tavakubu.
1 site is currently under land negotiations with the Lautoka City Council and the Ministry of Local Government

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