The Fiji Police Force will continue its endless efforts in its campaign and awareness on hard drugs in the country.

Acting Commissioner of Police, DCP Rusiate Tudravu says they are trying their very best to put a stop on any illegal drug use in the country, for the benefit of Fiji’s future generations.

The “War on Drugs” in the country is becoming a nuisance to the Fijian community and the Fiji Police Force is worried, that despite their endless efforts- new cases of illegal drug continues to surface almost everyday.

DCP Tudravu says his Force have limited resources and the power to fight against illegal drugs, but great efforts from their counterparts, allows them to extend their training and campaign around the country.

Calls of action have also been made to the Fiji Military Forces to join in their fight to taking down culprits who are behind the circulation of these sickening substances – with great concern, that if they stop or slow down now, the future of the people of Fiji would be very worrying.

The Fiji Police Force is advising members of the public, parents and guidance in particular, to be very cautious of their loved ones. Start spending quality time with your family, counsel them on the threats of illegal drugs and the consequences that comes with it. This needs to be the topic that’s discussed in every homes in our societies.


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