An 83-year-old woman in Wallis and Futuna has become the first fatality in the French territory’s Covid-19 outbreak.

Earlier this month, she had been transferred from Futuna to the Wallis hospital for other ailments.

However, after her release from hospital, she tested positive for Covid-19 a week ago, was rehospitalised and died at the weekend.

Since the first Covid-19 case was found in the community two weeks ago, more than 300 people have tested positive for the virus.

17 Covid-19 patients are now in hospital, four of whom in intensive care.

Last week, France sent 72 health care personnel to Wallis, but three have been forced into isolation after testing positive for Covid-19 on arrival.

A two-week lockdown has been extended by two weeks to 6 April.

A vaccination campaign is under way, with 18,000 doses at disposal.


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