The long wait of about 200 households in Field 4 and Waiyavi for a crossing to connect them to facilities and enable them to have easier access to Government services has finally been answered.

This after the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management constructed a crossing connecting the two communities under the Ministry’s Community Access Road, Footpaths and Footbridges (CARFF) programme.

A representative of the two communities said they had been waiting since the 1980’s for a crossing to not only safely link the two communities but to also connect them to other services.

“It’s good to see that Government has done this for us,” the representative said.Previously, a walkway was used by the residents of the two communities.

During adverse weather, the walkway would be slippery, causing injuries to residents.

“People had already fallen here and injured themselves in previous years. Most of the times, when it gets flooded, it was always hard for us to get to our homes but this crossing has made it easier for us and we thank Government for answering our cry,” the representative added.

The community representative said the crossing was an “answered prayer” to many of the residents in the two communities, especially the senior citizens, women and children.

About 1000 Fijians have benefitted through the implementation of the project.

The crossing is the nearest access for the working residents travelling from Field 4 to the Waiyavi Industrial area and Lautoka City.

The crossing is also used by students who attend six nearby schools.

The project was completed by the Ministry at a cost of more than $40,000.

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